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Ancient Gods and their Mysteries: Will they return in 2020 a.d.?Author Robert T. Berringer Interpret the Signs of Divine
Intervention on Earth

Ancient Gods and Their Mysteries
Will They Return in 2012 AD?


By Robert Berringer

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The great riddle of the universe has long preoccupied scientists and scholars. Who is responsible for creation? When did it all start? And for what purpose? Ancient Gods and their Mysteries: Will they Return in 2012 AD? shows that the Gods have left behind clues--a kind of spiritual "trail of breadcrumbs"--that may answer those very questions.

Thanks to Isaac Newton and other great minds, science has developed advanced tools to study the past, analyze the present and predict the future. with the aid of archaeoastronomy. geologists and geneticists have vastly improved dating techniques, which have led to dramatic new religious and historical insights. Based heavily on the work of New Age scholars, this book delves into ancient civilizations, their temples, their gods and other signs of a divine architect.

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   In this stimulating book you will:
  • Examine some of the mysteries about the sudden rise of civilization in Sumer in the Tigris-Euphrates River Valley and in Egypt in the Nile River Valley
  • Study the beliefs of the Dogons, an African tribe that has unexplainable knowledge of the Sirius star system, including the invisible white star, Sirius B
  • Contemplate the importance and benevolence of many high gods, including Enki, Ptah, Viracocha and Yahweh
  • Examine the age-old mysteries of the pyramids, Machu Picchu, hollow stone pipes, crystal skulls, an ancient navigational device, the ark of the covenant and many other signs of divine intervention, and
  • Study three of the most important footprints of the ancient gods on earth: the Great Pyramid of Giza, the old temple of Jerusalem and the ancient temple mound at Ollantaytambu, Peru.

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